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Shiners Agency's journey began with a fervent passion for content creation, rooted in my high school days at IVKO in Amsterdam. Before the inception of Shiners Agency, I embarked on a personal odyssey as a content creator and later as an influencer. Through these experiences, I collaborated with numerous brands, amassing a wealth of knowledge along the way.

This treasure trove of insights and expertise became the driving force behind the establishment of my very own agency. Here at Shiners Agency, we blend our enthusiasm for crafting content, uniting talents with brands, and illuminating brands in the online realm. Our mission is clear: to assist our clients in achieving online visibility in a manner that is both original and authentically true to their identity.

Our focus and extensive experience predominantly revolve around events, the hospitality industry, entertainment, relatable and humorous videos, and fashion. If your brand aligns with these pillars, the odds are high that we can collaborate effectively. We're well-equipped to handle content creation and influencer matchmaking to yield optimal results. Join us at Shiners Agency and let's shine together


At Shiners Agency, our mission is to redefine online branding. We believe in the power of genuine, authentic content that resonates with audiences on a personal level. We're on a quest to help brands become more than just names – we're here to make them a part of people's stories.

We aim to bring forth a new era of influencer marketing where it's not just about reaching wider audiences, but also about creating lasting connections. Our focus is on promoting transparency, fostering trust, and prioritizing authenticity. We're dedicated to helping brands shine by being themselves.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, our mission is to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies, ensuring that we continue to help our clients stand out. At Shiners Agency, we don't just follow the trends; we set them, resulting in marketing campaigns that are unique, effective, and memorable.

Our mission is simple but profound: to help brands embrace their true identity, connect with the right audience, and shine online in a way that is both remarkable and sincere.


Our vision is to build enduring, trustworthy relationships with brands and events committed to excelling on TikTok and Instagram. As a creators-led agency, we prioritize the client's objectives and work closely with them to ensure their story and content shine online. We aim to be trusted partners in co-creating success and setting new standards in digital marketing.

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