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At Shiners Agency, we've got your social media covered with influencers, channel management, killer TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts content, and a creative squad ready to brainstorm epic concepts for your brand. Let's shine online!

Influencer marketing, ensuring seamless partnerships with perfectly aligned influencers.

And for influencers, we're the seasoned captains navigating the vast seas of brand collaborations, ensuring smooth sailing and stellar outcomes

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Experience professional social media channel management with us, bridging content creation and strategy execution. With over 8 years of expertise, we ensure your brand shines online through cohesive management and engaging content. Let's elevate your brand's presence together!


Unlock the online shine with Shiners Agency's Brand Content Creators! Our curated creators bring authentic experiences to your audience, from TikTok UGC to captivating vlogs showcasing events. Seamlessly aligning with your brand, we offer end-to-end services to elevate your online presence. Let's chat and explore the possibilities together!

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When it comes to capturing enough content or developing projects for social media channels, we love teaming up with Shiners. Led by founder Diesna Loomans, experienced in creating substantial organic reach, our collaborative approach ensures success. As a seasoned influencer herself, Diesna understands every aspect of social media content creation—from conceptualizing and filming to editing, posting, and analyzing. Because together, we're stronger!

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