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What sets us apart is our founder's extensive experience as a long-time influencer. She has gained valuable insights into what works effectively on these platforms and how to reach the right audience. We approach all our campaigns and collaborations by first understanding the objectives and target audience. From there, we carefully select the ideal influencer to initiate the partnership.

As both our clients and influencers are of utmost importance, we offer the option of coordinating barter collaborations or sending products in advance for testing. This ensures a perfect fit between the influencer and your brand, resulting in authentic and genuine content every time. At our agency, transparency, trust, and authentic content are our guiding principles.


At Shiners Agency, we emphasize the importance of an authentic match between the brand and influencer. Our approach recognizes the sincerity of the message as the key to the success of influencer marketing. We steer clear of excessive sponsored content without genuine engagement to maintain the trust of followers. Discover how we elevate influencer marketing to new heights!

We are constantly on the lookout for new talents, emerging influencers and creators. We often establish personal connections and collaborate closely, resulting in a large and reliable roster.


Wij zoeken influencers die bij ons Tiktok

en Instagram Shiners team willen komen. 

Heb je minimaal 5000 volgers op Instagram of TikTok? Lijkt het je leuk om samen te werken met merken die bij jou passen? Kun je wel wat hulp gebruiken om je creativiteit, de juiste matches en je planning te optimaliseren, zonder dat je volledig exclusief hoeft te werken? Dan is de kans groot dat je een waardevolle toevoeging bent aan ons team. Shiners Agency is opgericht door Diesna Loomans, een ervaren influencer van 8 jaar. Daardoor begrijpen we als geen ander wat belangrijk is voor influencers, en een transparante samenwerking staat bij ons voorop.

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