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Unlock the power of online presence with Shiners Agency's Brand Content Creators! In the digital era, authenticity is key, and our carefully selected creators bring genuine experiences to your audience. From engaging TikTok UGC videos to captivating vlog snippets showcasing restaurants or events, our Shiners creators cater to diverse niches. We tailor content to seamlessly align with your brand and target audience, ensuring an authentic online journey.

Whether it's a single video or an entire series, our creators are equipped to take your brand to new heights. We offer end-to-end services, handling everything from strategy development and briefings to planning, all tailored to meet discussed targets. Curious about the possibilities? Let's chat and explore the potential.

Stay ahead of the game with our insights into TikTok and Instagram trends, occasionally garnering organic views in the millions. Shiners Agency is your partner in creating content that not only shines but resonates with your audience!

At Shiners Agency, our creators specialize in crafting brand content in a playful and authentic manner. Genuine content created by real people is gaining popularity, and that's why we're always on the lookout for the most enjoyable and authentic creators who truly connect with the brand. Here's a glimpse into our talent pool. What we value in our roster is creativity, quality (the ability to film with a phone in the best possible way), editing skills, a passion for content creation, and reliability!


Wij zoeken influencers die bij ons Tiktok

en Instagram Shiners team willen komen. 

Heb je minimaal 5000 volgers op Instagram of TikTok? Lijkt het je leuk om samen te werken met merken die bij jou passen? Kun je wel wat hulp gebruiken om je creativiteit, de juiste matches en je planning te optimaliseren, zonder dat je volledig exclusief hoeft te werken? Dan is de kans groot dat je een waardevolle toevoeging bent aan ons team. Shiners Agency is opgericht door Diesna Loomans, een ervaren influencer van 8 jaar. Daardoor begrijpen we als geen ander wat belangrijk is voor influencers, en een transparante samenwerking staat bij ons voorop.

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